What Is A Free Health and Safety Review?

At Advanced Corporate Solutions (ACS) we are currently offering a free health and safety review to business owners. But what is a free health and safety review, and what does it entail?

At Advanced Corporate Solutions, we understand that many business owners are working so hard to set up and then run their business that they may not have given a great deal of thought to health and safety issues. Not only that but they may also be unaware of what health and safety requirements may apply to their business. For example, many small business owner’s feel that since their business is small, or because they work from home, that health and safety legislation will not apply to them. Some may wish to comply with current health and safety regulation but be unsure what the law or their insurer requires of them.

That is where the free review comes in. We will speak with the business owner, identifying what is required of them by the law and their insurance, area’s such as:

  • Does the business require a health and safety policy?
  • Does the business require documented risk assessments?
  • Is any further safety training required by the business?

The kind of questions asked will include:

  • How many staff are on there, including those who work within the business but are not on the payroll?
  • What insurance’s does the business have, including Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance?
  • What are the main work activities undertaken by the business – for example, office work, cleaning, construction or gardening etc?
  • What are the normal methods used to accomplish those activities?
  • Does the business own or use vehicles?
  • Does the business employ under 18’s or apprentices?
  • Does the business use or work with chemicals?
  • Does the business employ pregnant women or new mothers?

These and any other questions asked will be used to determine what health and safety requirements the business may have and whether these requirements are currently being met. The report will typically show one of three results:

  • The business does not have any health and safety requirements under current legislation or insurance policy requirements.
  • The business does have requirements under health and safety legislation or insurance policy requirements, and these are currently being met to a satisfactory level.
  • The business does have health and safety requirements under current legislation or insurance policy requirements which are not currently being met.

Where necessary requirements are not being met we will provide advice on what action is required by the business owner and how we can help, either directly or by offering to put them in touch with a third party (with their permission). This allows the business owner to then make a fully informed decision about what to do about their health and safety requirements.

To request a free health and safety review please click here.