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At Advanced Corporate Solutions we have developed a new health & safety solution for our clients – an online health & safety portfolio. The full portfolio includes over 50 different health & safety policies, risk assessment forms, and a wide range of guidance forms to cover a wide range of business’s.

What are the advantages of using our online health and safety portfolio?

Financial Savings: Registering for our online health and safety policies is much cheaper than having a bespoke policy designed. A big saving can also be made using the self risk assessment forms included instead of hiring a health and safety consultant, as many of these assessments alone would cost more than the annual membership fee. In addition, we have arranged with a leading insurance provider to provide members of this service with discounts on the following types of insurance policies: Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Employer’s Liability insurance, Director’s and Officer’s and Legal Expenses Insurance.

Constantly up to date: A hard copy health and safety policy portfolio, while beneficial, can quickly go out of date. With our online health and safety solution this does not happen, as our health and safety consultants work hard all year round to make sure that all our online health and safety policies are in line with the latest legislation.

Business Flexibility: When a health and safety portfolio is designed for a company, it is designed to cover its current work activities and processes, its workforce, its equipment, and its premises. Therefore if a company branches out into a new area of work or offers a new service, it is often acting without cover from its health and safety policy, which can invalidate the company’s insurance. Because of the wide range of policies available in our online health and safety portfolio this is not a problem for our clients, who are able to take advantage of new business opportunities while still covered by our comprehensive online portfolio.

Off-site & Lone Worker access: Because the documents are maintained online they can be accessed by via the internet by off-site worker’s on a wide range of portable devices (such as mobile phones, ipads and netbooks) if they are provided with the company’s login details.

Health and Safety Database: Members gain access to a huge database of health and safety information. This database includes information produced by ourselves, as well as information produced by bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other sources which we have obtained permission to include in our database.

To see what is included in our membership please click HERE

So how much does it cost for a membership of our Online Solutions package?
To begin the registration process for our online health and safety portfolio, please Click Here.
There is also a free membership available which allows members access to a limited number of health and safety guidance information but no access to health and safety policies or risk assessment forms. To register for this free account, please Click Here. 
For clients with less extensive health and safety need, please consider our Health And Safety First solution which starts from just £55. Please Click Here to find out more.

To find out if your business is legally required to have a written health and safety policy, please Click Here.