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In modern times a website is viewed as a vital investment for any business, although not everyone is sure what they want their website to do for their business nor what their customers need from their site.

So what do you need your website to do for your business?

Most business websites fall into 4 main categories, although some websites straddle more than one:

  1. Sales websites. Think Ebay, Amazon, Argos etc. Basically any site that is built to allow a business to sell a product online to new and existing customers.
  2. Advertisement. Many businesses make their website one big online advert, a place they can tell you all about their services. This is more common with business consultancies for example, or any service based company that doesn’t have a physical product that they can just sell to you online and ship out to you.
  3. Information. These are the sort of sites where a business gives you a range of information on a topic, and gives you the option of contacting them or requesting a call back. Many financial sites dealing with pensions, annuities etc follow this pattern.
  4. Interest based. These may not be considered at first glance to be business websites, but many actually offer a subscription service or a shop. For example, many fandom sites, bands, TV shows etc fall into this category, which is really an amalgamation of the previous 3 categories. 
The main thing is knowing what your business needs from what your site and also what your customers need from your website and taking it from there.
At ACS we know how important it is to have the right website and to use it correctly. That’s why we can confidently offer to build your website for you.
We are a friendly company that specializes in small start up websites for new businesses.
We can offer you one of two options when building your website:
Option 1 – You provide us with the text, images, logo’s, URL etc you want and we can do all the technical stuff and build it for you.
Option 2 – You tell us what you want and leave us to create it from scratch.
The price for these sites vary as we have to quote based on your individual requirements, however our prices for these options start from:
  • Option 1 – from £275
  • Option 2 – from £395
At such good prices, can your business afford not to have a website?
We also offer a FREE health and safety policy to every business we build a web site for.
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