So What’s Included?

So what documents are available in our Online Solutions package? Here is a list of what you’ll get for your money. Many of our health and safety policies are accompanied by supporting documents to enable you to better implement them in your business. Risk assessment forms are also provided. There is also a great deal of guidance information to give you that extra bit of help. Due to length, not all of our documents are listed here, and we are constantly working on new documents to add to our already outstanding online health and safety package. Some of these may be included in the list and are marked with an *.

Health and Safety Policies:

Accident & Incident Investigation Policy

Accident & Incident Investigation Investigation Form

Accident & Incident Investigation Witness Statement Form

Accident Reporting And Recording Policy

Asbestos Policy

Bomb Alert & Suspicious Packages Policy

Bomb Alert Form

Company Vehicles Policy

Company Vehicles Pre-Journey Safety Checklist

Competence & Capability Policy

Confined & Enclosed Spaces Policy

Construction Inspections & Reports Policy

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Policy

Display Screen Equipment – Record Of An Employee Eye Test Form

Electrical Safety In The Workplace Policy

Employee Consultation Policy

Environmental Policy

Excavations Health And Safety Policy

Excavations Inspection Report Form

Excavations – Timing and Frequency of Checks, Inspections, and Examinations

Expectant & New Mothers Policy

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems Health and Safety Policy

Fire Extinguishers and Their Use Policy

Fire Risk Assessment Policy

Fire Safety Signs Policy

First Aid Health and Safety Policy

First Aid – List Of First Aider’s Form

First Aid – Location Of First Aid Boxes Form

Fixed Scaffolds Health and Safety Policy

Handheld Tools Health and Safety Policy

Hazardous Substances – Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health (COSHH) Policy

Hazardous Substances – COSHH Log Form

Health And Safety Policy

Lone Working – Safety For Lone Worker’s*

Manual Handling Health and Safety Policy

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms – Health and Safety Policy

Mobile Work Equipment*

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Health and Safety Policy

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – PPE Log Form

Pesticides – Safe Use Of Pesticides Health and Safety Policy*

Portable Electric Equipment In Offices*

Portable Ladders & Stepladders Health and Safety Policy

Risk Assessment Health and Safety Policy

Safety Signs & Signals*

Work Equipment*

Working At Height

Working Time*

Workplace Environment*

Young Persons (Under 18’s)*

Risk Assessment Forms:

Risk Assessment forms include:

Manual Handling risk assessment form.

Fire Risk Assessment form’s. We have a number of these available, as this allows our clients to have either a more simple or in depth approach depending on their needs.

Risk Assessment form. This is intended for use in more general risk assessments, such as small shops, offices and other area’s. It is intended for use in identifying general hazards in the workplace, such as slip/trip hazards, fumes, faulty cabling etc, and also for assessing individual tasks such as using a ladder. It is not intended for specialist assessments such as asbestos surveys or legionella risk assessments, which require special equipment and training.  However this is suited for most type of risk assessments required by small businesses.

Guidance Information.

We have also compiled a database of guidance information from a wide range of sources for use by our clients. This includes information provided by Advanced Corporate Solutions, the  Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other sources such as Fire Departments, as well as other recognized sources. We feel this allows our clients to broaden their knowledge of health and safety requirements and allows them the greater opportunity to work safely. Some of this information can also be found elsewhere, however we’ve done the legwork to bring the information together in one place so our clients can focus on their business. These guidance information documents include such topics as:

First Aid at Work

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – Zoned and Addressable Alarms: What Is The Difference?

Working In The Garden – Basic Safety Guidelines

Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969 – Employers Guide

Recipes For Disaster by The London Fire Brigade

Preventing Slips and Trips At Work

Workplace Transport Safety

Safe Use Of Ladders and Stepladders

Five Steps To Risk Assessment

Guidance For The Recovered Paper Industry

Correct Removal Of Reusable Gloves (Chemically Resistant)

and many, many more.

The guidance information section also includes a great deal of guidance for the printing sector.

These documents can all be viewed online, downloaded in PDF format, or printed.

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All of these documents are updated throughout the year. A years membership will allow access to these documents as well as new documents not yet listed here, and allow the member to access the new and updated documents throughout the year. To continue to be able to access new and updated documents after the first year, membership will need to be renewed. However it is cheaper to renew for the second year.

Anyone not wishing to renew can download or print any documents they wish off the site before their first year’s subscription is up, however they will then not be able to get the updates for these later.

All health and safety policies should be reviewed each year.